Instructions for downloading the free demo of Estimiser Pro. Download link is at bottom of page.

Clicking on either link below [Estimiser Pro or Estimiser Pro Zipped] will start the download. The file is named e2instal.exe. When you are asked by the dialog frame what to do with the file, select "Run". The file is about 7.8 size and downloads in 3 or 4 minutes with a broadband connection. With dial up, your best option is to have us send a disk; the download is so long that it may fail before completing. When the download is complete just double click e2instal.exe to install Estimiser Pro. Below you see the installer icon to look for after downloading. If you'd like help downloading, just call toll free 866 584 5556; we'll help you get your system running in just a few minutes at no charge. You can try it for a time; just call us later to license for if you want an unlimited license. It's only $250 one time for a lifetime license.

The installation takes just a half minute or so. When it is complete, you will see the two shortcuts below. Also, a page will open automatically which you should print right away since it has some basic information about getting started. You can also open the Help Manual (see icon below) and read about getting started estimating. To begin working, click the shortcut on the desktop labeled Estimiser Pro (on left). When the program opens, go to the Main Menu and print the Quick Start page. There is a link to it at the bottom of the Main Menu.

When the program opens for the first time, you must create two (2) of your own passwords. Be sure to write them down in a safe place. IMPORTANT MESSAGE to new users of Estimiser Pro : If you cannot type in the password field, you must switch user accounts in Windows. Guest users may not immediately have access to the program, so log back in with your owner or admin user account.

Then, enter the first or "master" password you created in the login field and click the Login button.Then, you will see a page describing how to close the program. When you understand that, click Contine and you will see the Main Menu. Click the first button, Setup and navigate to the first three sections: Shop and Labor Rates and Tax Rates. These are the three main areas where you must enter specific information before beginning estimating. Then, click the Help icon (shown above) or, from the Scripts menu at the top of the program window, click the Script Open HELP. Either will open the complete online manual. It is available from any window in the program. Locate the sections about setting up tax and labor rates. Read these to be sure your setup is set the way you need it. Browse to the section labeled Quick Start. There you will learn the basics of the program. Note that if you want to use the program in "easy" mode for estimating only, you'll only need to work in the Setup, Customers and Estimates sections that you click to from the Main Menu. Also note that the Main Menu serves as a central hub. If you lose your way in the program, clicking the button Main Menu will bring you back there.

Note: You may want to do most of your testing with the two sample estimates (one is a supplement for the other). Every time you start either an estimate, supplement or invoice, you advance the counter of free uses. Also note that it does not help to delete documents; that does not "roll back" the counter of free uses. When the program opens, the first page informs you of how many free uses remain. If you exceed that number without first licensing the program, it will stop displaying and printing correct totals. When you license the program, all of your work is completely restored. There is no need to do a reinstallation when licensing. Technical help is free. E-mail us or phone. Toll Free 866 584 5556

Tip: If you don't have internet at your shop but can download at another location, do the following.

Download the file below and save it to a USB drive.
Take the USB drive to your shop and plug it into the computer there. Locate the file, e2instal.exe and double click it to install at your shop.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE to current users of Estimiser Pro: Installing this download may overwrite your current system, causing you to lose your data. If you want to upgrade to this build please contact us by phone toll free 866 584 5556 or email. We will arrange an upgrade at no charge. If you are using a demo version and want to install this build anyway, print out your estimates and invoices for your records and then install this build. The download is about 7 megabytes.

Estimiser Pro Click this link to download. Last revision - Jan 13, 2014 Size: about 7.5 Mb

Concerned about the safety of downloading software? This file is digitally signed and can be verified for your security. Just open its properties after downloading.
Take a look at our rating at McAfee Site Advisor.

Some computers may block you from downloading an exe file. In that case, download the zip file below. Then double click the zip file to open it and run the enclose file, e2instal.exe. - If you are in the state of Florida, this program can be configured to display the various disclaimers required by the state of Florida. Just go to to Main Menu/Set Up/Mode - If you primarily repair heavy trucks, Estimiser Pro can be configured to manage major panel overlap for heavy truck panels. Additionally many drop lists will display for heavy truck manufacturers, vehicle types and parts.

Estimiser Pro Zipped
Last revision - Jan 13, 2014. The zip file is not digitally signed; however, the installer inside it is.

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